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SCN Conditionnement - Services
SCN Conditionnement - Services

Expertise & Advice

SCN now supports the largest groups in the implementation of solutions in line with the needs of its customers in France and abroad. With a strong business expertise, shared by a team of 45 employees, the company SCN intervenes quickly thanks to a permanent adaptability.

SCN Conditionnement - Services


SCN offers all its customers the opportunity to discover its service dedicated to e-logistics. All products are packaged in our warehouses located in Conches-En-Ouche, thus avoiding costly reshipping within different depots. A real way to optimize transport costs for optimal performance.

SCN Conditionnement - Services


SCN provides its customers with a storage space of 3,000 m2 in its main warehouse as well as an additional 10,000 m2. A way to plan the packaging of products ahead of future shipments and plan shipments in France and abroad.

SCN Conditionnement - Services

Perfume filling

SCN offers its new service dedicated to filling perfume bottles. Get closer to SCN Conditionnement to learn more about the terms.

Packaging steps

SCN Conditionnement - Services

1. Sleeving

Sleeving is the action of grouping several products together in the same packaging. This is often used by a “sleeve” or a “band” either in plastic or in cardboard for promotional operations.

SCN Conditionnement - Services

2. Labeling

Labeling is the action of sticking a label on a product, either for a promotion or for a barcode. We have the option to do it manually or automatically.

SCN Conditionnement - Services

3. Product sorting process

We suggest that you check the content, quality and compliance of products that may be in kits.

SCN Conditionnement - Services

4. POS

The assembly of the box:
The cardboard box arrives flat in disassembled parts. It is therefore necessary to mount it and insert certain additional elements such as wedging to allow the products to fit well in the box.

Filling the box:
We follow the filling plan transmitted by our client, so that the box complies with its spectrum. In the event that products are considered dangerous, they will be placed in separate boxes.

Finishes :
After assembly and filling of the POS, it is essential to put on a cap and proceed with strapping and filming. The mounted boxes are arranged identically at the head of the gondola in your supermarkets.

SCN Conditionnement - Services

5. Packaging

Cartoning :
Boxing consists of depositing the products in an original box or in a new crate for shipment.

Putting in a box, kit or case :
We carry out the insertion of the products in a box, in a kit or in a specific case. This action consists in removing the packaging of the product in order to use it in another or in another form (in a box or a kit for example).

SCN Conditionnement - Services

6. Wrapping

It involves covering a product with a plastic film. Often used for promotional actions, using at least two products in the same film. The latter will pass through a shrinking oven to facilitate handling.

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Our team accompanies you in the realization of your tailor-made packaging and the packaging of your products. Complete your quote request online and we guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

SCN Conditionnement - Services